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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  July 22, 2009 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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good morning. it is wednesday. wednesday. >> let's roll it along. >> thank you so much for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. it's wednesday. again. here's what we're following for you this morning. >> there was about 10 issues we're concerned about. obviously cost-cutting it first on the list. >> many lawmakers from president obama's own party are voicing concern over this pricey health care overhaul agenda. >> and allegations ben ben rothlisberger today. more on the hotel where a woman says he raped her. and weather from the west
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coast to the northern plains. >> you know you have a bit of a weather nerd in the studio when you see this going on. >> here he is, the total eclipse of the heart, meteorologist justin berk. >> thank you so much. by the way, sweet 16 days left? >> yes, 16 days. >> until miss is no longer miss but mrs . >> another eclipse. >> eclipse of the heart. >> turn around, bright-eyes. >> thank you. >> big storms rolled through carroll, westminster, manchester and towards the hereford zone, southern pennsylvania, we had showers roll through and even dime-sized hail according to norm lewis. showers from eastern virginia, i think we'll stay dry, 6 now. a muggy start -- 67 now, a muggy start with patchy fog to the north. our two-degree guarantee of 86. now back to the roads and get a first check of your commute.
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>> good morning. good news in harford county. that earlier downed tree has been cleared out of the roadway, that was at route 36. an accident in the beltway in the rosedale area, that is the outer loop. that blocks the ramp to southbound 95. you might want to try 895 south as an alternate. no problems in the tunnels. two-way traffic in the northbound tube of the tunnel for construction but that will reopen later in the morning. no problems southbound down 83 from the pennsylvania state line headed down to the beltway. back to you. 5:00. the president says he and congress are making some good progress toward overhauling our health care system. >> but he's still trying to sway lawmakers to pass this plan before they break for the rest of the summer. sherrie johnson joins us with the rest of the story. >> reporter: the stage is set for president barack obama to make a primetime plea tonight to the american public about his health care plan. he says he and congress are making good progress toward overhauling the system and trying to inspire lawmakers to
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pass the plan before they break for the rest of the summer. the plan is expected to top $1.5 trillion and both the democrats' bills in the house and senate to stop denying coverage for those with pre-existing medical conditions. it would also have a private run plan to compete with insurance for lower costs and intervention and wellness programs. >> we are closer than ever before to the reform that the american people need and we're going to get the job done. >> reporter: president obama will hold a primetime news conference tonight. watch it live on abc2 starting at 8:00. the board of public works is scheduled to work on governor martin o'malley's proposal to cut $280 million from the $700 million budget deficit. o'malley said yesterday the state will make up about $75 million from additional medicaid money the state is getting from the federal
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government. however, the state will cut $3 million for stem cell research and almost $6 million from the state's lottery advertising budget. also on the chopping block, about 40 state positions and 18 vacant jobs. the governor says he plans to avoid large layoffs. baltimore's historic senator theatre goes on the auction block today and loyola college is said to be very eager to put in a bid. officials won't say what they are going to do with the theater but the main campus is only a mile and a half away. a sexual assault lawsuit has been filed against two-time super bowl winning quarterback ben roethlisberger. >> a woman is claiming he raped her in a seventh floor room in a hotel in lake tahoe. >> reporter: sports stars don't get much bigger than ben. he's now facing the light of
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his life after a former hotel worker claims the quarterback raped her last year. a former worker here at harris tahoe resort says roethlisberger assaulted her during a july 2008 stay. he had been invited to the nevada hotel for the american century celebrity golf tournament. according to the woman filing the lawsuit she was told to make sure he had a nice trip. therefore when the steelers star asked her to fix his tv she promptly went to his room. once inside the complainiant alleges that he blocked her from leaving, fondling her, pushed her on the bed. says he then pulled off his underpants and assaulted her. a year later some question why the woman is just now filing a lawsuit. but the complainant alleges she told her supervises at work and was told most girls would feel lucky to have sex with someone like him. the suit seeks a minimum of $44
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$44,000 in damages from -- $44,000 in damages from him. his attorneys say the quarterback has never assaulted anyone. the complainant has only filed several charges. there is no record of any criminal complaint. at the time of the incident the woman says she was told she would be fired for spreading rumors. she says after hospital stays for depression and rumors at work she decided to file this lawsuit. brittney gordon, abc2 news. 5:04. the orioles have got to beat the competition. they've now lost 24 out of 26 games on the road against the rays, blue jays, red sox and of course the yankees up in the bronx last night. nick markakis gives the birds a quick lead. he singles off the starter. roberts comes around to score the orioles up in this game 1-0 but for the fifth time in 12 starts rich hill cannot get through the fifth inning. here we are in the bottom of
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the third, after two walks, alex rodriguez singles to left. cody ransome and derek jeter come up to score. final score 6-4, orioles again in the afternoon up in the bronx against the yankees. speaking of orioles, they could finally be leaving fort lauderdale. "the sarasota herald tribune" says the os reached a tentative deal to move spring training to sarasota. this is a 30-year deal. this also outlines plans for thecal -- cal ripken academy. we'll let you know what happens. >> it looks pretty good. top 10 things you should know about the orioles, it's in there. this can be tough to watch, what you eat. >> but doesn't have to be that way. >> what you need to know about eating healthy without breaking the bank. 67 degrees as we start this wednesday.
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>> how are the trains and buses? mark jones, good morning. >> good morning. for the commute start, numbers 13 and 36 diverted at north and greenmount due to a watermain break. number 50 bus, a diversion in the area of mannasota and erdman. heavy volume of passengers on the 22 and 5 bus lines. light rail and metro subway keeping pace. the marc trains look good, no delays on the camden, penn, brunswick lines.
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welcome back to "good morning maryland" on this wednesday morning. middle of the week. >> weather now with justin berk. >> 5:08. our wake-up window at the bottom of the screen. just want to take maryland's most powerful doppler radar across the border into virginia. we have one lone shower. considering the flare-up in baltimore and carroll county last night with winds at 40 miles per hour and dime-sized hail, we'll watch this atmosphere produce maybe isolated showers. this is near fredericksburg, it will pass to the south of dc and doesn't look like it's close to baltimore but if we follow that track it could be passing anne arundel county during, let's say the 6:00 or 7:00 hour. we'll watch that. otherwise, right now the inner harbor 70 degrees. we have a muggy start. some patchy fog to the north. where temperatures are in the jucial 60s. we'll have a -- are in the upper 60s. we'll have a partly sunny skies morning, chance of a shower, 86
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degrees. if you don't get wet, don't get mad. just a small chance today. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim. >> quiet ride southbound on 83 from pennsylvania, towards the beltway, no problems to report there. as we check around the beltway now, everything is mostly quiet. however, we're working one crash, 95 southbound in the rosedale area. that exit is going to be blocked on the outer loop because of a crash there. you should try 895 or go around to the key bridge as an alternate. as we check the harbor tunnels, they are doing construction in both tunnels, however, the projects should be wrapping up in the next 30 minutes. should cause maybe minor delays as you make your way there. as i said, 83 looking good through baltimore county down through to about the city there. taking a look at the cameras, outer loop, this is 695 at liberty road. you can see traffic is light and free-flowing at this time. no problems to let you know about. back to you. 5:10 in the morning. a woman faced top dollar for a dog born with an imperfect
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outlook for jobs is bleak. >> we have a very long haul here because even though, if the economy begins to turn up in terms of production unemployment is going to stay high for quite a while. it's not going to feel like a really strong economy. >> reporter: he says a weak labor market means a continued wave of foreclosures. america's dairy farmers are losing an estimated million dollars a day. victims of the recession, slumping demand. it coflghts dairy farmers $1.50 to produce a gallon of milk but since the beginning of the year, only a dollar back. it's a crisis of supply and demand. though milk sales are up slightly, sales of other dairy products at the supermarket are down. consumers buying less cheese, butter, ice cream, even yogurt. coca-cola's profit rose 43%, beating expectations. they are testing a freestyle soda machine that mixes more than 100 flavor options.
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so far the machines are being tested in georgia, california, and utah. more to come by the end of the summer. that is the latest in today's business headlines. florida-based advocacy firm the disclosure response team is proposing branching into baltimore to help financially strapped homeowners unload their properties. in april alone 3,600 foreclosures reported in the nation, the second behind virginia in the nation. f-2 2 fighter jets cut, supporters say it will be a blow to the long term national defense and cost thousands of jobs. a new study shows the economic meltdown has produced a sharp reduction in the number of mexican immigrants crossing the border into the united states. apparently it's deterred by rising unemployment, immigration from mexico is at the lowest level in a decade the census data from the u.s.
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and mexican government is being released today by the pew hispanic center. we'll let you know what they say. we know times are tough. we want to help you out. an, get our "financial survival guide." in our "works for you" section. what you'll find today -- our expert says you should spend more when buying certain things. for example, you should buy an expensive vacuum because it will last longer. find out four other things to buy now and save later. that is all ahead in our exclusive "financial survival guide" on the cost of just about everything is higher these days. so much so it can be a challenge to eat healthy in these tough economic times but that healthy home-cooked meal may not be as far out of reach as you think. kelly swoope has more. >> you want to make sure you're picking the fresh kind. >> reporter: picking and planning. just two of the things registered dietician amy says you must do if you're trying to eat healthy on a budget. >> it's important to incorporate all the colors of
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the rainbow into your diet. it sounds a little corny but if you think about it each color represents a vitamin or mineral. >> clinical nutrition manager at franklin square hospital says buy in season. helps your body and your budget. >> if you're buying seasonal vegetables, fruits, it will be cheaper. it will be better flavors, better nutrients and will save money. corn is now in season. i think up front they said there are about 12 corns for like $1.99. >> reporter: finding healthy bargains is critical for anna, she's unemployed. >> very hard. especially when you don't have a job. so you got to look for the best buys. >> try to stick to the outer four walls of the grocery store. it's usually your fresh produce and vegetables. your dairy items, your bakery and your meats and then your frozen items. >> reporter: amy says be leary of the middle aisles that often contain foods that are packaged and processed. even something like cans of
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soup that contains too much sodium. >> usually if it's packaged or processed they have to have a providive in it. something -- preservative in it, something to get that taste in there for a long period of time. you're missing out on nutrients. >> reporter: and maybe even paying more. amy says look for store savings. sign up for shoppers discount cards and never go to the grocery store hungry and without a meal plan. kelly swoope, "2 your health." 5:18. yesterday's high 82 degrees. yesterday was the day where we actually broke into a little more sunshine. we held off the rain for most of us for most of the day. that allows our temperatures to surge well past our expectation of the upper 70s. important to keep in mind, this is still well below normal. we're still in this relatively cool pattern on this 22nd of july. we should expect 66 in the morning. 88 in the afternoon. records range from 1966 to 53. 1957 bringing us the record high of 101.
5:19 am
we had a flare-up of showers and thunderstorms rolling on in through yesterday. looks like there's one shower we've been watching coming out of central virginia. but overall we're in this environment that doesn't guarantee is to have rain but can produce rain. when you see that on the graphics please remember that not a guaranteed washout. just keep that umbrella handy. and don't be disappointed if you don't get rain. however, we need it. in a little bit of a drought pinching considering how dry july has been. this disturbed area and complex passing across the deep south spreading rain basically from northern ohio all the way down to near the gulf coast. we've got a tropical enhanced system off the coast, northern bahamas. this may combine forces, roll up the coast and we could have something developing in a hurry here, rolling in through the next couple of days. spotty showers and thunderstorms today. better chances -- we have a coastal system trying to come through and chance of showers will actually increase tomorrow and friday. 86 is our two-degree guarantee. small chance of a late-day
5:20 am
storm. our check of the roads now with kim. >> if you're traveling through either tunnel you may encounter closures due to construction. the southbound side of the tunnel does have two-way traffic going by in it now as the northbound tube remains closed for some construction projects overnight. those will be wrapping up pretty soon. also have one tube closed as you make your way southbound through the fort mchenry tunnel tunnel as well. around the beltway, no problems. that earlier accident on the outer loop that had the southbound ramp to 95 closed has been cleared. so we are free-flowing around the beltway. southbound on 95 coming from harford county headed to the whitemarsh boulevard area, traffic flowing freely at this time. this is the outer loop at liberty road. traffic looks good at this hour. this traffic report brought to you by baltimore's country station 93.1 wpoc where you'll find great music from stars like taylor swift, kenny chesney and keith urban, and rascal flats. back to you. a 4 day old baby in critical condition after being attacked by a family pet. police say the dog, described
5:21 am
as a native american indian dog got the baby out of the crib and carried the baby into the woods. the 4-day-old infant was rushed to the hospital where we're told the injuries are life threatening. the dog was taken to an animal shelter, will remain there until the owner decides what to do with her. take a look at this. her name is precious. she was born with a fifth leg coming out of her stomach. the puppy's owner planned to sell her to the coney island side show until this woman came forward and offered to pay $4,000 for the puppy. and once precious is strong enough her fifth leg will be removed, her new owner hopes precious will enjoy life as a normal dog. look at the puppy. >> how cute. in an attempt to set a world record in chicago that required a sense of humor. last night the chicago outdoor film festival tried to break the guinness world record for the largest number of people wearing groucho marx glasses. put down the cigar, jamie.
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the record was set in 2007 in missouri but an official count from last night has not been released. the crowd wore the glasses for 10 minutes and enjoyed the 1933 marx brothers classic "duck soup." next, we're going to talk about gas guzzling. >> want to learn how to get cold hard cash for your gas-guzzler? the president wants to help you, but will the deal make financial sense in your household? i'm brittney rdon. that story coming up. carol! denise! you've lost weight! it's just all these giant things make me look small. (chuckle) i hate dieting. me too. that's why i eat this fiber one yogurt. (mr. mehta) it has five grams of fiber, zero fat, and fifty calories. please, this is too creamy and delicious. it's true, only fifty calories. i am adding this to my list.
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5:24. let's go to new york and get today's "tech bytes" with jeremy hubbard with abc. >> reporter: in today's "tech bytes," an electronic book reader that can match functions with amazon's kindle. a company called plastic logic is announcing a deal today with at & t to give its device a wireless connection. that means its ebook reader will have access to books, magazines and papers anywhere there's a cellular signal or wi-fi connection. the company has not said how much it will cost. the new version of microsoft windows will be more family-friendly. the software giant has announced it will offer a family pack for windows 7, that means one copy of the new software can be installed on three pcs. microsoft isn't saying how much it will cost. windows 7 will be released in late october. we have the playstation portable, the nintendo dsi, soon there may be a portable version of the x box. a top microsoft executive says
5:26 am
the company is focusing on the living room experience for now adding new features to the 360 but says it's a matter of time before a mobile version of the gaming console becomes available. apple's i-pod touch could soon work a lot like the iphone. "wired" magazine is reporting the next generation of touches will have a built in camera and microphone. combine it with a wifey connection and -- wi-fi connection and skype it becomes a phone. coca-cola is testing a new machine called the freestyle that offers more than 100 different drinks at the tap of a touchscreen. the machine mixes the drinks on the spot making many flavors that aren't available anywhere else. the machines are currently being tested in california, georgia and utah, with plans to have 60 around the country by the end of summer. the next time you want a raspberry coke, you'll know where to go. for information on all these stories log on to the technology page of those are your "tech bytes."
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i'm jeremy hubbard.
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5:29. good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. let's get you informed on the top stories we're working on for you today. >> i want to make sure that you maximize the dollars from the federal government. >> so how does this cash for clunkers program work? abc2 is working to break it down for your bottom line. and when it comes to our state, these tough times don't appear to be getting any better. the latest on the cuts that may be coming to our state. plus, city, state, even national leaders have taken notice of the rapid improvement that kids in baltimore made on test scores. we'll have an update on that. thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning, july 22nd,


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